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How do I apply vinyl?

Your lettering will arrive pre-spaced between two sheets of transfer tape.  Just peel off the grid backing, press the lettering to a surface, and peel off the top layer of transfer tape.  Your vinyl lettering will be all that remains. 
1- Pencil a couple short measuring guidelines on your surface and tape the lettering to the guideline. (The tape acts as a hinge to flip up the lettering.) You can see the lettering through the semi-transparent top layer.
2- Flip the lettering sheet upwards and slowly peel the backing paper off.  Let the lettering rest on the semi-transparent top layer. (If the lettering wants to stick to the backing, slowly manipulate the backing to help the letter stick to the front layer.)
3- Use some kind of hard edger, like a Pampered Chef scraper, and firmly rub over the lettering to secure it to your surface.  Work from the center out on both sides letting the edger act as a squeegee over the lettering.
4- Then, carefully peel off the sticky transfer paper to reveal your letters ... then enjoy!