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How will my lettering arrive?  Your lettering will arrive pre-spaced between two sheets of transfer tape.  Just peel off the grid backing, press the lettering to a surface, and peel off the top layer of transfer tape.  Your vinyl decal will be all that remains.  For additional how-to tips and ideas ... click here!
How long does the lettering last?  We each use a high quality vinyl that is designed to last outdoors for three years (except in areas with extreme temperatures.)  Since there are less dramatic changes in temperature and humidity indoors, the lifetime of the vinyl should be significantly extended.  Vinyl is flexible, durable, and washable; it will not fade, crack, or peel when it is used indoors. However, as with anything that sits for years in continual sunshine, the paint and possibly the vinyl may fade in long-term sun exposure.
What are my payment options?  Please check with your preferred vinyl supplier for payment options.  We each have our own pricing structures, specials, and payment plans.
What are my shipping options?  Generally, orders are shipped USPS 2-3 day Priority mail.  Within the US, a average flat rate of $5.00 is charged per shipment, regardless of how much vinyl is ordered.  Express mail overnight delivery is available through USPS for around $30, but it does not guaranteed overnight delivery to all areas.  If you have special shipping needs, let your preferred vinyl supplier know.  We respond quickly and will help rush your order in any way that we can.