A small child (about 12 years of age) was once explaining his younger brother what the universe is? He said that the universe is a large hollow sphere with the sun, the planets,  the moon, and the stars at the surface and the Earth at the centre. Standing at the corner of the room, was I hearing their conversation. I went to the two children and used all my knowledge and expertise to give them a correct idea of the universe. On being unsatisfied with my explanation the elder asked, "Why should we believe that what you say is correct?" The question though seems rubbish has a lot of health in it. Why do think we know it better? Is there any proof to confirm what we know about the universe is correct? and by the way what do we really know about the universe? How did the universe begin and when did it begin? Where did it come from and where is it going? Did the universe have a beginning and if so, what happened before then? Why the nature is the way it is? What is the nature of time? If time one day flows backward and effects precede causes, or are there limits to what we know and most of all : why there is, as it there, a universe? These are questions that always fascinate mankind. Obviously these are not simple questions and through our brief history on this planet, much time has been spent looking for some clue. Yet, after all much of what we know is only speculation. We have however come a long way from the mystical beginning of the study of cosmology and the origin of the universe. Through the understanding of the modern science, we have been able to provide firm theories for some of the answers we once called hypothesis. As the nature of science is, some of these answers have only led to more complicated questions and to me, it seems that questions will continue to exist.



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