Whack Your Neighbour

Play Whack Your Neighbor To Alleviate Built-Up-Anger

Every one of us would have come across a situation to deal with a neighbor who complains about us in a hypercritical way. These annoying neighbors even complain about everything we do like a chatter box. Even though they are worse than you, they will have a mindset that it is their critical duty to complain about your activities. Annoying neighbors can be defined in several ways, hypercritical ones, grumpy ones, nosey ones, plain rude ones and secret killers. The characters and the way they look at us differ with the type of neighbors. To take revenge on them, we don’t have any other way other than playing Whack Your Neighbour game. This game is designed to help those people who have built up the anger against annoying neighbor in the harmless way.

Whack Your Neighbour has around 32 ways to hit the neighbors and finish them off. All these ways are developed to be creative and brutal for murdering your neighbor. You will definitely feel better after killing the neighbor in the game. The players must remember that this game is created just for entertainment purposes only and so, it should not be taken into mind. Practically, you should find some ways to resolve the differences that you see in your neighbor. It is better to resolve those problems in a harm-free and diplomatic way. If such ways fail to work, then it is better to switch on your PC and start playing Whack Your Neighbor. People above 18 years of age are allowed to play the game.