Whack Your Ex

Take Revenue On Your Ex By Playing Whack Your Ex GameĀ 

Whack Your Ex is one of the stress-relieving yet interesting hitting games available for people who want to take revenge and punish their Ex without killing them. Playing this game is a funny and cheaper therapy to manage stress after a breakup. Many players have realized that this game is a great stress reliever as it lets them to get rid of tensions by hitting their ex in imagination. By playing this game, you can easily injure or insult your ex in a way you desire. Once you start playing this game, you will find two characters-one is your Ex and another one is you. All you need is to click on the items found on the screen and hit with it. As the game starts, a boy and girl stand side by side and wait for the task. You will find several items around them and can be used for demising your boyfriend or girlfriend.

If you are dumped by your boyfriend or girlfriend, you would have a torrid time and a lot of stress. All these things can be alleviated by playing Whack Your Ex. In fact, this game provides an individual to take revenge against his/her ex without hurting them. This flash game provides you with the ability of clubbing your girlfriend. This game can be played in any stressful situation as it provides the players with a lot of fun and excitement. It is worth saying that Whack Your Ex plays a vital role in managing anger as well.