Whack Your Computer

Enjoy The Liberty Of Damaging Your PC With Whack Your Computer Game

Every individual who has been using a computer might have come across a situation of their computer or PC getting repaired in an important moment. No matter whether your computer has been affected by a virus or any software or hardware has failed to do its job, you are the person who will be affected if your PC does not work. When this happens in a critical situation, you will definitely feel like breaking the PC and throwing it off from you. However, you cannot do this in your real life as PC and Laptop costs several thousand dollars. But there is an alternate way and is nothing but playing Whack Your Computer. This game is known to deliver what it has promised to offer. As soon as the game gets loaded, you will find a boss reporting data to a beautiful secretary. At that time, the computer started making beep sounds and this frustrated the boss.

If you are facing any kind of situation like this or your PC stops working suddenly, you can alleviate the stress by playing the game. Very simple concept is hidden behind this Whack Your Computer game. You should move your mouse around the screen and find out the clickable objects that trigger on the scenes. Once you have found an item, you can click on it to use it to damage the computer. If you find any scene to be touching, you can replay the scene as many times as you want. In fact, you have the full liberty of cutting the computer with the chain saw.