Whack Your Boss

Whack Your Boss - An Ideal Game To Get Rid Of Office Stress

Those individuals who are frustrated with the boss and want to beat him, you can play Whack your boss. Though it is not possible for you to beat him in your real life, you can quench your need to harm him painfully by playing funny and addictive Whack Your Boss. This game involves an office atmosphere where your boss enters and starts talking rubbish. As you are in the virtual world, you can release your anger and choose any object to hit and kill him. There are several ways to achieve this. You have full liberty of picking up any object to complete the objective. All the ways available for whacking your boos are very creative and so, you can try all the ways to accomplish possible ending.

All you need is to move your mouse over the screen and when any object gets highlighted, you can use that item to attack your boss. After every attempt, you have to clean everything simply by pressing the clean button. Once cleaned, you can start in a different way to attack the boss and earn the score. The graphics of Whack Your Boss is cartoonish to ensure difference between the reality and game. Even the voices and sounds are also extremely fun and so, you will definitely have some quality time by playing this game. You can get rid of stress caused by the torture of your boss by playing Whack your boss game. What are you waiting for? Get ready to whack your boss.