Warfare 1944

Warfare 1944 - Make Your Side To Win The Game By Using Resources Appropriately

Warfare 1944 is promised to be an interesting game and is a sequel to the most popular Warfare 1917 which has exceeded the expectation of the players in terms of gameplay. Very soon after its launch, Warfare 1944 has become success with its intrigue and creativity. The developer has included lots of options and features to make the game play more interesting. This game will take you to 1944 and in the beginning, you have to choose between Allied and Axis. Once you have made the decision, you will be taken to the place where the US forces advance towards Germany. On the other hand, Germans work on one goal- they have to protect their home with every object they have. No matter what side you choose to play for, you will definitely experience the game play to be very hard.

The gameplay of Warfare 1944 is very different from Warfare 1917. This is basically a strategy game and lets the players to build resources instantly. This game includes a resource pit that automatically generates resources within a specific amount of time. The players can make use of unlockable features to succeed. This game includes three different lanes and the player can ensemble the team based on their requirement. Warefare 1944 comes with two player modes including Custom battle and Campaign mode. You can also make your own battle with the custom map or can fight against previously designed battles. All you need is to move your mouse and click around to expect magic and surprises to happen.