Warfare 1917

Gratify Your Needs To Play War Games With Warfare 1917 

Warfare 1917 is certainly an addictive and engrossing war game in which you have to build a strong line of defense to protect your country and conquest your enemy. The players can also enjoy access to different options for infantry, armor and fire support. This enables them to force their enemies to come under their control. This game can be played in two different modes namely British and German and custom battle mode. This game offers everything that a serious gamer wants. The primary objective of this game is to win every battle the player undertakes. While the concept is same as that of other war game genres, Warfare 1917 stands apart from other games. It provides two different ways for the players to win the game.

The first way to win this game is to use army’s might to win on the enemy ground. You will find a progress bar at the top of the screen indicating the amount of land you have conquered. If the bar falls very low, then it is meant that you are at the risk of losing the game. Another way to win involves morale. If you are able to maintain this morale at the lower level, you can expect your opponent to surrender. Warfare 1917 is really an intriguing and complex war game. Unless you get acquainted with the rules and features of this game, you will really feel difficulties to proceed to further levels. This game is certainly a feast for the fans of war games.