Trollface Quest 3

Avail Problem Solving Skills By Playing Trollface Quest 3 

Trollface Quest 3 is developed based on the concept of its earlier versions Trollface Quest 1 and 2 and you are sure to have some added enjoyable experience during your game play. The levels of this game are designed in a way that they can easily enrich the problem solving skills of the players. These games make you innovatively and find solution for every puzzle in a unique way. If you have made any incorrect decision, you need to lose the level and play it again. Apart from this, the characters and the objective of this game are very similar to the previous versions. A new control has been included in this part. The players have the liberty of pressing P key for pausing the game.

Trollface Quest 3 has a bonus round at the end of the game after completing 30 levels successfully. Yes, this version has 10 additional levels than the previous versions with 20 levels. Alike the last two versions, the players can enjoy the ability of toggling the music on or off. Of course, you can even toggle the quality of the graphics between medium, high and low. When it comes to graphics, it is quite similar to the previous versions of Trollface Quest 1 and 2 but it is little more pleasing. The developer has included more color schemes and better image quality. You can also take advantage of auto save option to re-enter the level from where you left it. With some betterment, Trollface Quest 3 is much better than its earlier versions.