Trollface Quest 2

Play Trollfree Quest 2 And Enhance Your Tactical Knowledge 

Trollface Quest 2 is the sequel to the most popular strategic game Trollface Quest 1. This version involves the same basic as that of its previous version. It is a point and click style strategy and puzzle game and is filled with numerous challenging levels. As a player, you have to complete every level and move on to the other without getting harmed. Similar to the previous version, Trollface Quest 2 is also very tricky for the players. It is quite impossible for the players to pass a level easily. You have to think, think and think to find out the puzzle and move on to another level. You should look for alternative ways, think innovatively and act accordingly to find out an answer for the puzzle.

When it comes to graphics, you will have the same experience as that of the first version. Even the characters are also the same and most of the images look like hand drawn sketches. But the quality is quite better when compared to the earlier version. Of course, you will find some more colors other than black, grey and white. Players have minimal options at Trollface Quest 2. Among these available options, most of them are available just for toggling music on or off. The interesting feature about this version is that the game saves automatically. If you have exit a level and want to re-enter it, you can easily find it out by looking at the level map. It is really worth playing Trollface Quest 2 during your free time.