Trollface Quest

Enrich Your Strategic Knowledge By Playing Trollface Quest 

Trollface Quest is a puzzle and strategy game with simple and basic graphics. With this game, you can easily test your strategy skills and talents. You will also learn to think about new ways to succeed every level. There are several puzzles involved in the game and once you have completed one level, congratulation message will appear on the screen. By clicking on the next level button, you can move on to the next level. As there are several levels included in this game, you will have a great fun and spend even long hours on playing this strategy game. Though Trollface Quest has a simple graphic, it is very decent and neat. In most of the levels, you will find the main character as a stick figure and the games will be colored in white, grey or black.

One of the unique features of Trollface Quest is that you need not use arrows to play the game; rather, mouse has to be used extensively in almost every level. As this game involves slight violence, it is recommended only for the players above 13 years old. When you surf the internet, you will find a number of websites that provide step by step instructions to play this game and pass on to the next level. However, it is better to use your own strategies to play the game so that you can enhance your tactical strength. In fact, playing Trollface Quest is just like practicing your strategic thinking ability and is really worth to play the game frequently.