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Feel Energetic And Frantic By Playing Super-fighters 

Superfighters created by Mytho Logic Interactive is a single player or two player flight game that involves tactical maneuvers, weapons, chunky pixel and many more. This fight game is based on a little man who shoot, burn, stab, kick and trick to make the opponents to pass out from the non-livingness. As this game includes obtuse control pattern, it takes time for the novice players to get used to the game. However, the controls are completely customizable with a handy gamepad. All you need is to use arrow keys and use N and M for melee and weapons. If you play along with another player, he will get his own keys. You can also access to some of the special moves that add a touch to the tactics of the game.

You will gain diving, rolling and dashing moves that gives you more ability to fight against the opponent. Superfighters have two playing modes and they include stage mode and play versus mode. With play versus mode, you have to choose your characters, the number of players and the stage to fight. The stage mode is quite similar to the former one but provides you with four stages to defeat the opponent. Among these four stages, three stages will be more difficult to deal with. You have to start this game with a few basic weapons and a few grenades but every player has all these weapons and so, you need a cutting edge. At the end of the gameplay, you will understand that Superfighters is really strategic, frantic and satisfying.