Super Smash Flash

Super Smash Flash- Choose Your Preferred Mode And Start Your Gameplay 

Super Smash Flash is a free, fighting, fan made flash games that anyone can play to stay away from stress and strain caused by every day routing task. The major objective of this game is to kick off the opponents from the screen. The players will be provided with percentage counter rather than a health bar. If there is a higher damage percentage, the player will be sent farther. The characters of Super Smash Flash will have five attacks each whereas some characters are given additional attacks while jumping. The matches can be played in two different modes such as stock mode or time mode and can also be played in the combination of the both.

When it comes to time mode, the players will be receiving a point, especially while KO an opponent. On the other hand, they will lose one point if they are KO’d by the opponent player. At the end of assigned time limit, the player who has more points is declared as the winner. When it comes to stock mode, every player is provided with a specific amount of lives and if they are KO’d, they will lose the life. The player will be sent out of the game when all lives are lost. At the end of the match, the player who has more lives will be elected as the winner. In adventure and classic modes, every level of the game has both time limit and specific amount of lives. With different modes and options to choose from, Super Smash Flash is really fabulous to play.