Stealing The Diamond

Show Your Talent By Playing Stealing The Diamond

Breaking the bank and escaping from prison can really be fun and exciting. But once you escaped from prison, start stealing the diamond to make your living. Yes, Stealing The Diamond is certainly an interesting game that lets you to spend your leisure time in an excited manner. The main objective of this game is that you have to steal a very big diamond which is protected with advanced technology. You have to steal it using your talent. Of course, you have the liberty of choosing the adventure style as per your preferences. As this incident occurs during night, usual rabbles would have returned home. You have to deal just with a couple of guards who stand between you and the diamond. You can also use some technological ways and other equipment to steal the diamond.

You have to choose between the main divergences such as sneaking in and busting in. Moreover, you have three paths to steal the diamond successfully and forty ways to attain failure. You cannot judge the successful and failure way unless you progress with the game. You have only 7% of chance to attain victory. Stealing The Diamond is a complete package with impressive voice acting, hilarious writing, smooth animation, snarky death messages and kick-in sound track. You will definitely like the background scenery of the game. Those individuals who are keen about seeking adventures will definitely have a great time by playing this game. With different endings, Stealing the diamond offers a lot of excitement to the players.