Sim Taxi

Sim Taxi, the Best Brain Game to Improve the Memory Skills

Sim Taxi is a very fun and a challenging brain game for time management. While you play it, you can train your brain skills like memory, multitasking and concentration excellently. Players can earn cash on picking up the customers and dropping them to their destinations. The cash can be used to make upgrades to the taxi. The game sessions can even be saved to continue the gameplay later. The objective of playing sim taxi is becoming a successful taxi driver. The cash earned by delivering the customers to their appropriate destination can be used to equip the taxi with better tires, engine and range of other enhancements. You will start the game with a taxi and without money. To become a proficient taxi driver, you have to memorize the streets in the city. There will be no map available. Traffic tickets and accidents will slow down your speed and cost you money.

When you play Sim Taxi, you will get a guiding arrow displayed on-screen that instructs you about what direction to take. There are several dead-end streets and loops; hence it costs to know your way around. It is the memory enhancement part of the game. The longer you spend to deliver your fare to proper destination, the lesser your payment. Hence, like the original taxi drivers, you should aim on driving carefully, but fast to reach your destinations. This game is of more fun and also popular of the entire car games category.