Try The Futuristic Shooting Game To Get Excellent Fighting Experience 

Are you looking for the most futuristic and stunning shooting game? Raze is one of the most suitable choice for your requirements, because it allows you to gain lots of fun and enjoyment. It is a shooting game with full of thrilling action. In this game process, you have to battle against robots, aliens and fight for your individual planet. The shooting is really fun to play and brings you excellent fighting experience. If you wish to play this excellent game, you should know about the essential game controls. These are the most essential details which helps you to win the game in an easier manner. It not only brings you some amount of fun, but also let you to gain thrilling experience.

Important Game Controls 
In order to get this ultimate fighting experience, you can begin to play Raze. This brilliant game process includes various levels, so you have to clear it in a proper manner. You can use the WASD keys in order to control the characters. Along with this, you can utilize your mouse clicks in order to aim as well as shoot. After that, you can change the weapon with 1-9. You can get more and enjoyment with this outstanding fighting game. When you decide to play the futuristic fight game, you can learn the vital game controls.
  • Movement: Arrow Keys or Space (to jump) or WASD 
  • Shooting and Aiming: Mouse 
  • Selecting Weapons: Q, E or 0-9 or Shift, Enter 
  • Pause: Ctrl or P 
  • View scores: Use Tab