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Enjoy The QWOP 2 Flash Game With Your Friends 

There are several flash based running games available, but the QWOP gains a huge amount of popularity among online players, because of its interesting features and complex game play. The concept of this game is really simple, but it is very difficult to reach. In this game, you have entire control on the Olympians body portions such as calves and thighs. In order to enhance your playing experience, this game offers a new version, which is popularly called as QWOP 2. It is a 2 player game which allows you to gain lots of fun with your friends. In this simple game, you have to complete the 100 meter race. You can use W as well as Q keys in order to life left and right thigh of the athlete. 

Stunning Game Environment 
Plus, you can also use O and P keys in order to contract the calves of Olympian. This flash game is really simple to win, when you know all essential game controls. You can press QWOP buttons in order to balance the athlete and prevent him from slipping or falling. The QWOP game includes 2 player version that you can enjoy with your friends. You can try to cover more distances and obtain more enjoyment with your friends. The simple and excellent game help you to test your individual running abilities and obtain unlimited fun. Moreover, the 2 player version brings you an excellent chance to cover more distances without putting more efforts.