Play The Most Amazing Flash Game To Get More Enjoyment 

QWOP is one of the most difficult games that require lots of game skills in order to win. The stunning is designed especially for the flash players. In this excellent game, the players have to successfully cover as much meter as possible. The flash game includes interesting game play and stunning graphics. There are several player faces lots of issues to complete more distances and only few of them reach 100%. The high difficulty level inspires players play this again and again and put their entire efforts to win this flash game. Learning the game skills is the simplest way to complete all the levels easily. Along with this, you can also obtain better experience in this game process.

Official Instructions 
It is an essential to know about the official instructions before begin to play this flash game. The important game controls help you to play this game in an easier manner. You can utilize the 4 keys in order to move your individual athlete. You can use Q in order to lift the right thigh, use W in order to lift the left thigh. In addition, you can utilize O and P keys for contracting the valves of a body. While playing this game, you can press these keys regularly otherwise your athlete will fall immediately. You can keep the balance as well as try to cover more distances. It is really an amazing game, so you can play it with these effective controls.
  • Q and W buttons: To use the things 
  • O and P buttons: To use the calves 
  • R button: To restart the game