Infectonator 2

Get Amused On Playing Infectonator 2 Along With Its Interesting Features 

Infectonator 2 is a real-time strategy game, where the players attempt on infecting the citizens of different cities with virus that will make them as zombies. Players will be placing initial viral exposure and as long as you buy some upgrades, you will remain as a spectator to action for the remaining part of the round. As you go further the cities will have growingly robust defenses including guys wearing HAZMAT suits, special agents and military personnel among others. For instance, these characters may exploit long-range weaponery, have great defense or cannot be affected directly or the mix of all these skills. As the affected zombies kill humans in the city some victims will become zombies thus spreading the virus to much more people. It is this chain reaction is considered as a primary weapon and the major focus of the game.

Every city has distinct objectives and you should reach in well advance of its destruction. The first will normally asks you to kill some amount of people within a specified time, whereas the next typically wants you to skill some of the highly-powerful citizens. The third will ask you to collect some amount of money and the fourth will usually needs you to kill some people having support items or overcome the level without the use of support items. Every time you kill someone a gold coin will be available. If you place your cursor across these, you can collect them to gain upgrades for your weaponry, zombies and also get other benefits. Infectonator 2 is truly an interesting game to play.