Avail Utmost Amusement and Excitement on Playing Infectonator

Infectonator is a popular randomnized permadeath survival simulator which combines tower defense, RTS and management-simulation gameplay. The objective of the game is to direct a group of survivors in a battle to stay alive and rescued in a zombie apocalyptic world. You should scavenge resources, develop defenses and explore a way for surviving in a game, where death is eternal and levels are generated randomly. Some of the key features of the game include exciting pixel art graphics, randomly produced cities each time you play and engaging and deep management simulation of the gameplay. In the game, survivors are set in post-apocalyptic world, where the goal of players is to survive for longer possible time. To accomplish this, they have to manage their resources and time and scavenge for valuable supplies and fuel. It is a game, where hunger is as tedious as a zombie to throat.

The goals and controls of Infectonator are simple. The zombies must be prevented from leaving the region and they must be stopped from eating you. The next goal is particularly important as in Infectonator; the survivors will feature perma-death system. If a character dies, their equipment and experience dies with them, thus keeping them alive is important. Guns have to be reloaded that adds up to a complete extra component of suspense. It is not just a tower defense game, but also a real-time strategy as the players can able to move characters at any point of the game during combat.