Hot Dog Bush

Feel Excited With the Complete Fun of Playing Hot Dog Bush

Hot Dog Bush is at present one of the highly sought after internet games/online simulations, with a facility of allowing around nine thousand players at a time experiencing the challenge of assisting George W. Bush to become a hot dog entrepreneur. The main goal of the game is serving hot dogs and also other foods, to more number of customers within a stipulated amount of time, making them glad so the rating of your approval stays high. Customers can also request for hamburgers, drinks and chops, and also an array of mustards, sauces, onion, etc. It is also allowed to establish hot dog stores in different places including Yankees stadium, Bronx, Central Park, Times Square and Wall Street. Hot Dog Bush is a bit addictive for an innovatively simple game idea.

The complete idea of this game is feeding the starving denizens of the city by serving hotdogs. While this may seem quite straight forward, you are actually limited to number of people that you can able to feed on every turn. This is what makes Hot Dog Bush game a little strategic in that you would feed all at one. There will only be three hotdogs and three buns available at the counter every time. But, the stall can manage a maximum of five customers, which means there would be some waiting for their hot dogs to be cooked. These elements have made the game to be more strategic and fun to play, while it also needs you to use brainpower to get done with the things properly.