Freeway Fury 3

Play Arcade Racing Game and Experience the Excitement of Racing

In freeway fury 2 and in the original version, it is all about controlling a man who beat up public and aliens and rode cars extremely fast. While coming to Freeway Fury 3, the recent release in the arcade driving series, the developers have dived into the complex and serious motivations behind the protagonist. In addition to the cars, trucks and other vehicles, there are also jets, speedboats and laser space cars found in this game. Gameplay is almost same as that of the previous ones. Players need to move their car across freeway with WASD or arrow keys. The presence of fury meter is a great addition for the game, where players deserved a modest leeway for crashing their cars and the little confusing branching path process is gone, indicating that players would not have to be consistently restarting as well as replaying to check all of what the game has to deliver.

The story deals with the police are on the search for a fugitive known for jumping across cars and planes. Players will receive different points for jumping, slamming, hitting cones and grinding and just about anything a little mental you can assume about. The absence of car health meters remains a little strange and also the general finickiness considering while other cars are in the range to be hopped on or not. However, apart from the quibbles, Freeway Fury 3 is furious fun and ultra-fast and will be received well by anyone who has been desperate by morning commute.