Freeway Fury 2

Feel the Adventure of Rash Driving By Playing Freeway Fury 2 

Freeway Fury 2 is an interesting online driving game involving cars, highway, frustration, nitro, jeep, truck, etc. It is one of the several driving games that are filled with thrilling and adventurous moments when a player try to ride on the wildest road rage. Players can move their car across the freeway with the help of arrow keys, attempting to reach the checkpoints well before the timer exceeds. Things are quite crowded; hence keeping hand on the Z key will enable a bullet-time mode, where the player can climb over the roof of the car. He can even hop onto the new one by having efficient control over arrow keys. Bonus points can be earned by hopping on strings of cars, while kicking others off the road and moving fast into the oncoming traffic. Performing these tricks will also grant the players with some nitrous oxide that when up key is held, provides the speed of your car a boost.

Right from the excellent range of automobiles to the varied settings, to arcade-perfect effects of sound, Freeway Fury 2 must get your heart-rate increasing as fast as speedometer. Players can expect more road rash prior to getting a sense of precisely how far you can hop. In addition, health bars would have also been a great addition. The greatest challenge for the players is to ensure not getting fallen down on the road while trying to jump from one car to another. It is thrill playing freeway fury2 that should never miss.