Freeway Fury

Check Your Action Skills on Playing Freeway Fury Game

Freeway Fury is a popular car-jumping game that is packed with actions. The major goal of the game is to perform crazy stunts and to gain points. Players have to control their cars using arrow right or left. To hop on to the roof, arrow down should be pressed. Arrow keys must be used constantly hop on other cars. As a whole, Freeway Fury is very fun to play. Being a car driving game, it is a right choice for those who are daring and not scared of flirting with death. The game will be having the player to drive the car on a busy platform and carry out some deadly stunts that could make everyone stunned. The character also needs to hop from one moving car to other that is indeed an insane to do in real-time.

While plain old driving is not all that enough, players need to indulge in their fury and should climb to the roof of their cars for feeling some fresh air. They can also get a ride from other car when they are at it. They can earn nitro boost by hopping onto other cars, by driving into the approaching traffic and a host of other crazy actions. The players can speed down highway and earn points by hopping between cars. The goal of every player of this cool Freeway Fury driving game is to reach the finishing line by driving the car fast and hopping from one car to another, smash other vehicles and using nutri boosts to earn ultra speeds.