Fireboy And Watergirl

Enjoy the Complete Adventure of Playing Fireboy and Watergirl

Fireboy and Watergirl are again back in their recent mind-bending puzzle-based adventure. Controlling both of them separately, assist them to work as a team to resolve the huge mystery surrounding the crystal temple. In a complete new twist, make use of portal to move from one place to other. Do not fail to collect diamonds in every level, including blue, red and gray. The players can make use of the keyboard keys to move between Fireboy And Watergirl across the maze and to collect the diamonds while on the go to the exit points. The keys A, W and D will move the watergirl and fireboy can be moved using the arrow keys. As water and fire cannot mix, ensure not letting the Fireboy getting into the water lakes and also do not allow the watergirl getting into fire lakes. They must be kept out of green lakes. 

Fireboy And Watergirl in forest temple is a puzzle game platform that is addictive, where you need to control two different characters in a synchronizing manner. You should control both featured simultaneously and activate buttons to move between push boxes, platforms and collect diamonds while trying to reach the exit door of forest temple. The hazards encountered by the players while playing the game include water and fire, so the fireboy and watergirl have to use their influence and powers to aid each other across every level. Players have to think ahead and should plan their way via every puzzle room to reach the exit safely.