Fancy Pants Adventure 3

Immerse Yourself In The Adventurous World By Playing Fancy Pants Adventure 3 

Fancy Pants Adventure 3 is another addicting and fun game that can be played for free on the internet. This game involves a lot of side-scrolling adventures made by Fancy Pants Man. He is the hero of the game with despicable colored pants. In this game, Fancy Pants should try to revolutionize the friendly bathtub pirates, those who defeated the Royal Bathtub of the King. Fancy Pants should navigate his way through the difficult platforms to be successful. You should overcome all the obstacles that come in the way of Fancy Pants Man so that he could survive until the end of the level. This adventurous game comes with pencil style graphics that would be something unique to explore during the game play.

Fancy Pants Adventure 3 involves moving in a fluid and awesome manner and once you get out of the control, you will get hooked. So, you should focus a lot on the game play, especially while Fancy Pants Man starts to run on the walls, reach impossible ledges and jump around. The movements of the hero will be sensitive and subtle and thus, you should focus only on the game. One of the interesting features about this game is that it involves a training level that lets you to learn climbing on the ropes. Once you have finished training, you will have to collect squiggles found along the way. With the springs, you can easily boost up to higher ledges. You can also eliminate the enemies easily with the slide attack.