Fancy Pants Adventure 2

Play Fancy Pants Adventure 2 and Get Stunned With the Excellent Updates

Everyone’s most desires Mohawk-sporting, gravity-defying acrobat, orange pants-wearing and all-round demon for speed is again back in the next installment of the Fancy pants adventure series of Bras Bome. But, this time, the fancy pants man come up with his ideal brand of parkour-styled brave antics to all important platforms, both mobile and console. Get on a 2D platforming quest and side-scrolling quest for protecting your cutie pants, sister, while collecting stomping baddies, squiggles, swimming, wielding weapons and if you play on a mobile device or console, a host of customization features. The gameplay of Fancy Pants Adventure 2 can be best explained as that which forms the resultant of taking components of the old-school Mario games and the important components from sonic the hedgehodge with parkour.

Fancy Pants Adventure 2 uses the same basic formula as utilized by its predecessor, which is a great mobile character, a tolerant physics engine and ideal level design with a range of elements to make players stay at their toes. The game is simple to learn, however difficult to master in, particularly on ported versions, wherein the touch sensitivity would turn out to be a problem. Fancy pants two includes eleven levels, thus making the game short, yet highly enjoyable. The extreme speed and acrobatic capacity of fancy pants man make him to be a fun-filled character to play with. Fancy pants two got improvements from the first game in various ways. The levels are made visually appealing as there is an efficient use of color and more details on the backgrounds and level objects.