Fancy Pants Adventure

Stay Active And Act Fast While Playing Fancy Pants Adventure

Fancy Pants Adventure is a fast paced and fun game that can be played online. It involves quirky graphics and a main character named Fancy Pants Man. This man is a special stick man with super slick pants. As a player, you have the mission of guiding Fancy Pants Man through the dangerous game world. If you want to strive till the end of every level, you should stay away from bad guys, vault over ravines and collect squiggles. The Fancy Pants Adventure come with the ability of moving at an excellent speed, running up on the walls and performing fancy back flipping and jumping. Fancy Pants Man has several capabilities that he can jump on springs and other boosters. In this tricky adventure game, you have a lot of special bonuses and secret doors that make the game play more interesting. The unique pencil like graphics integrated with retro gameplay gives a great pleasure to the players. 

You may need fingers that act faster to succeed in this survival game. Fancy Pants Adventure is quite difficult to play at first, but once you get used to the movements, you can easily make acrobatic flips and sliding jumps. During your game play, you should keep an eye on the health bar located at the top left corner of the game. If he was hit by a bad guy, the health bar decreases. In order for replenishing his health, you should collect squiggles. You will be losing life if he falls down the ravine. It is extremely important to check the remaining lives that he has got every now and them.