Escaping The Prison

Make The Right Decision While Playing Escaping The Prison 

There are many people who are passionate about laying adventurous games. If you are one among them, your search ends here. Escaping The Prison is completely different and is more than an interactive adventure. This game has a simple concept that you are a poor man prisoned in a jail. You are provided with a gift of cake that holds a surprise. You can choose any of the handy items included in the lovely pink cake to escape from the prison. This story is explained in unique animated scenes that provide you with remarkable experiences. This game involves stick figures including hero, guards and a lot of supporting characters. Every choice that you make leads to other choices and this keeps on continuing. Most of the choices will end up putting in the prison or death. Of course, you will also find three escape endings. 

Every fail provides you with a different choice. So, you should keep your failed account to the minimum while trying to find three ending choices. You need not pay attention to the navigation control or inventory. You are just required to concentrate on the game play of Escaping The Prison. When a scene ends, you will find two or more items popping up on the screen. All you need is to select your choice and lean back at your chair to watch the consequences. You need to take decision quickly; otherwise, the poor prisoner has to face the consequences. You should keep on seeking for the better way to escape from the prison.