Effing Worms Xmas

Kill The Creatures And Progress With The Game Of Effing Worms Xmas

If you are looking for the best way to spend your holidays, then you can consider playing Effing Worms Xmas which is the sequel of Effing Worms online game. In this, you have to control a giant worm to kill and eat everything that comes along its way. While you play, you will definitely feel that it would be the worst gift provided by santa ever. The bloody game is really fun to play as you have to take several challenges before your life gets depleted completely. By hunting for combos, you can upgrade the worms. During the game play, you should be very careful with the gun shooting elves and bombs. You should also overcome animals that throw snowballs on you to attack you.

You should always be prepared for taking an animals and elves to make the worm alive for longer time. You can use arrow keys to control the direction of worms. You should act faster to kill the creature so that you can prevent the worm from dying. You will definitely enjoy the graphics and sound effects included in this game. By killing creatures in bulk, you can easily make your worm more powerful and upgrade it with the progression of the game. Only if you upgrade it, it would be easier for you to kill the enemies in the advanced level. Thinking and acting fast to kill the prey is the objective of Effing Worms Xmas and you will definitely have a great fun during the gameplay.