Effing Worms

Enjoy Stimulated Game-Play Session By Playing Effing Worms

No one would have thought of living as a worm. However, it is something that would pop up in your mind if you play Effing Worms online game. Of course, this game involves big sized worms, which is something like the worms that you would find in the movie tremors. While playing this game, you will have to play the role of man eating worm. So, this game is appropriate for those people who want to spend their leisure time in a fun and awesome way. If you are interested to play Effing worms, you can play it for free until you have an internet connection. This free online game is developed by Effing games and takes you on an adventure as the worm is hungry and look for prey all the time.
The goal of Effing Worms game is to get the highest score that you can obtain by eating everything that comes along your way. You have to jump on animated beings and human stick figure to eat them. By doing so, you can earn more points in return. This game includes a hunger meter at the bottom of the screen. This meter should never go empty as the game will over. Hence, it is your responsibility to feed the worm always. When you eat multiple people, you will be able to produce chain combos, which in turn helps you to get more points. On completing one level, you can upgrade the worm with increased health or added speed.