Cursed Treasure

Play And Win The Excited Cursed Treasure Online

The Cursed Treasure is a Flash based Tower Defense strategy game and it is made by IriySoft, Russian studio. The Main objective of the Cursed Treasure game is to prevent enemies from taking the gems in the city. Cursed Treasure is one of the most interesting online game that features the highest class of fighting the enemies for finishing the game in the successful manner. The enemies will walk along with the set of pathway so that they will reach the cave where player resides. We need to create the strong defensive strategy so that it is convenient for stopping the maximum enemies for reaching the cave of the player. The Player must build the high tech Tower in the path so that the enemies will be attacking in the Cursed Treasure.
When the enemies are touching the gems in the game, they will begin to carry them back to other end of the path so it is necessary to stop the enemies in the excellent manner. Planning the defense strategy is most important so convenient for increasing the effectiveness of building the strong defense tower in the excellent manner. When the enemies who have took the gems have successfully reached the other end of the screen, then the gem is lost in the game so we need to cover them with maximum protection. The gem will be remaining where enemy died so that it will allow others to pick the gems and continue their escape. The player needs a single gem to remain and win a level.