Bubble Shooter

Choose Bubble Shooter To Spend Your Leisure Time Joyfully

Bubble shooter is one of the best and excellent video games that gain more popular among people because of its simple-to-understand and intuitive features. This game process is a perfect combination of “Connect Four” and “Tetris”. The flexible option allows you to enter into the game process in an easier manner.  The bubble shooter game is really simple to control. If you wish to know about the control process, you can carefully read this following passage. The aim of this game is to collect a huge number of points. In order to obtain more points, you need to properly destroy the maximum number of colored bubbles. If you wish to burst the bubbles, you require connecting minimum 3 bubbles of the similar color. 

In the base center of this gaming window, you can find an effective arrow. You simply change the direction in order to destroy the bubbles. In order to do the things, you need not to use any complex procedures. Instead, you simply use your mouse and aim at your preferred color. If you wish to fire the new bubble, you simply click the left button of your mouse.  The new bubbles row will be created on the top when you shot six new bubbles. If the ball reaches a bottom border, the game will end. You can utilize the right and left border in order to bounce the new balls in the new angles. The bubble shooter does not include final end, so you can collection so many points easily.