Boxhead Bounty Hunter

Essential Information About Boxhead Bounty Hunter

There are several shooting games available online, but the Boxhead Bounty Hunter gains a huge amount of popularity among online players because of its entertainment options. This game includes boxhead, zombie and tags arena. This wonderful online game is really more interesting to play. Along with this, it is also simple to download. For this reason, most of the online visitors, want to play this game again and again. The game process really includes excellent graphics and wonderful sound effects. In order to play this excellent game, you need not to know about the aim of this game and its game controls. The Boxhead word is really turning uglier.

No longer are the effective heroes content in order to take down zombie menace, and they have relay turned on each other in an outstanding battle to finally determine who is an ultimate Boxhead. Once you get the game details, you can know about the game controls. These important details help you to play this game in an effective manner. In this game, you have to defeat other players by using the collection of weapons. You can never stop your moving, because the stationary target is killed easily. Along with this, you can also use strafe key in order to move 1 direction. The important game controls include

  • Movement: Arrow Keys (or WASD)
  • Shoot: Space Bar
  • Strafe: Shift (Hold)
  • Cycle between Weapons: Q & E
  •  Change Weapon Directly: Number Keys
  • Access Shop: N
  • Access Menu:  Esc