Bad Ice Cream 3

Interesting Features Of Awesome Bad Ice Cream 3

Bad Ice cream is one of the most popular that inspires several online visitors to play it again and again. This excellent game series includes 40 levels, so you can have to clear it one by one. Along with this, you can choose the ice cream type from vanilla, strawberry or chocolate. The main aim o this two player game is to obtain all the different selections of excellent fruits in every stage without getting eaten of hit by roaming animals. The keys or option used in this game series are really simple. Now, the game developers offer the third chapter of this game, known as Bad Ice Cream 3. It is an excellent addition, which allows you to gain entertainment and fun. 

When you decide to play this game process, you must know some important game instructions. The following guidelines help you to know about the game controls in an easier manner. You can click on the "CLICK TO LICK" option. And then, you can click the "PLAY" button. After that, you can properly set the play number by using “SAPCE and Q” keys. The “GO” buttons help you to precede the level selection screen. Your main goal is to get all fruits. The control of 1st player includes “Arrow Keys” to move and “SPACE” to action.  The second player can use “W, A, S, D” to move and use “Q” for action. Moreover, you can click the button available top of your game screen to pause your game.