Bad Ice Cream 2

Stunning Facts Behind Bad Ice Cream 2

Ice cream is not simply a great dessert, but also could be an excellent game series of game lovers. If you want to try out the best Ice cream game, you can prefer the Bad Ice Cream 2. It is one of the most excellent game that comes with some additional features that the regular one. It is a unique and interesting game that brings you more fun. It is significant to learn all the basics and features of this game series, before playing this game. The following guide helps you to know all essential information and control of this game. These useful guidelines help you to play and win this game easily. You can choose the "CLICK TO LICK" option and click "PLAY" button. 

If you like to play as single, you simply prefer the "SPACE-BAR” in order to add the players. Along with this, you can also modify the game characters by the “Arrow Marks”. After that, you can click the “GO” buttons in order to go level choose screen and then click the 1st level of this game and start to play. If you wish to know about the game controls, you can utilize these suggestions.

1st Player:

  •   Move: Use the "ARROW KEYS"
  • Action: Use the "SPACE-BAR"

2nd Player:

  • Move: Use "W, A, S, D"
  • Action: Use "Q"

Your aim is to effectively collect all the fruits without catching any monster available in this game process. If you play well as a team, you will easily clear the levels.