Bad Ice Cream

Get Lots Of Fun By Playing Bad Ice Cream

Bad Ice Cream is one of the most exciting games, which allow you to obtain great fun and excellent entertainment. In this game process, you have to break all the ice blocks, break them, collect fruits and avoid being compressed by your enemies. The bad ice cream game allows you to enjoy this game in an icy platform which makes playing more exciting. When this game is fully loaded, you can use the “click to Lick” option in order to reach the game menu. You can play it along or with the friend together. After that, you can select the player number, chapter and ice-creams color. This game really has forty different levels, so you can complete it 1 by one. The 1st players use “A, D, S, W” keys and 2nd player use the “Arrow” for navigation. 

You can easily break or build the fresh ice blocks if want with the SPACE or ENTER key for the player 2 and with “F” key for player 1. You can try to pick up all the fruiting without getting caught from the enemies. These are the essential game guidelines which helps you to play and win it in an easier manner. This excellent game includes a simple download procedure, so you can follow it and get the game easily.

For Player 1:

  •   Use ARROW keys for moving
  • Use SPACE bar option return to shoot

For Player 2:

  • You can use the WASD keys in order to move. Return or F to shoot