Armor Mayhem Chronicles

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You can use A and D in order to move left and right, utilize W to jump, utilize S to pick up health points or weapons, utilize E to allocate some tasks to teammates, utilize Q to switch the weapons, utilize R to easily see score board, utilize SPACE key to utilize the exceptional adrenaline power and utilize ESC button in order to pause your game. The flash game not only includes mission mode, but also permit players to make a custom game with custom objectives and conditions. If you are a new player, this exclusive game is hard to win. The proper gaming skills and experience help you to finish and enjoy this game without any problems, but concentration is really a must.

Play The Armor Mayhem Chronicles Online To Get Thrilling Experience

If you are looking for perfect shooting and action game, the Armor Mayhem Chronicles is the right choice for your requirements because it allows you to gain huge amount of enjoyment and lots of fun. In order to get the benefits, you should know about the game controls. These are the essential things that help you to play this action game in an excellent manner. You can use Escape key to pause the game, use SPACE to use Adrenaline, use Q to last weapon, use W to jump, use D to move right, use A to move left, use R to reload, use F to see scoreboard and use S to crouch. If you know the control and game features properly, you can play this game and win it easily.