Armor Mayhem

Armor Mayhem is one of the futuristic and addictive shooting games which let you to effectively defeat the opponents and overcome all its territories to win. The main goal of this game play is to clash control over an inadequate supply of endless power crystals. If you have more interest to take some fun and completely exciting task, you can play this amazing and outstanding flash game, which is popularly known as Armor Mayhem. Control the character with a WASD and utilize the mouse in order to aim as well as shoot. You can also pick up weapons and armor with S as well as make more mayhem. It is essential to know about the control before playing this game, because it helps to win the game easily and get more fun.

You can use A and D in order to move left and right, utilize W to jump, utilize S to pick up health points or weapons, utilize E to allocate some tasks to teammates, utilize Q to switch the weapons, utilize R to easily see score board, utilize SPACE key to utilize the exceptional adrenaline power and utilize ESC button in order to pause your game. The flash game not only includes mission mode, but also permit players to make a custom game with custom objectives and conditions. If you are a new player, this exclusive game is hard to win. The proper gaming skills and experience help you to finish and enjoy this game without any problems, but concentration is really a must. 

Mitko Donev,
Jan 29, 2016, 8:57 AM