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The School - a temple of learning is a place where one gets overall development in his professional as well as in his social life. The school should give equal priority for both Scholastic and Co-scholastic activities to achieve overall development in students. Schools mainly strive to maintain their standards, and never allow students to view some important websites where students really enjoy. Some schools block online games, whereas some schools may not allow the students to view in school hours because there are many more chances for the students to waste their time by playing the online games.

The Latest trend is ‘Learning through Playing’, so some schools are allowing their students to play online games in their leisure hours. The latest news is that some online games are not blocked by schools. To get rid of searching the unblocked games, I want to provide you the information related to ‘Unblocked Games’. An Unblocked Game is a game which is not blocked by school computers. Every school has its own planning and follows them to meet the standards. I advise the schools not to block these online games totally, allow them to view and play in their leisure hours under proper supervision. This enjoyment gives great pleasure for students and also works wonders as a recreation activity.

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