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London Access Quotes and Testimonials

Comments from our friends and partners..................
Rooprai Spinal Trust

“The London Access app is a brilliant concept and one that I really look forward to seeing it in action. As a spinal cord injury charity, we have heard lots of horror stories in the past with regard to access for wheelchairs. The stress of a trip out, a trip that others take for granted, can mean that many wheelchair users simply choose to stay at home or stay in an environment they are familiar with. Hopefully this app will break down those barriers and open up a whole new world to many. I wish you all the best”.

Andrew Uttridge

Co-Founder, The Rooprai Spinal Trust



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Keech Hospice

There are thousands of people in and around London who need this information to plan their journey. Being able to navigate your way around using this app makes life easier for someone with a disability for instance: whether its for a day out, for hospital or specialist appointments, or to go away on holiday or negotiate public transport. I discovered just how many steps there are on the underground when my husband broke his leg and so public transport became a nightmare. To be able to plan with this information at your fingertips could make life a little bit easier for thousands of people..

Steveie Pattison-Dick

Head of Marketing& Communications

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