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Unlocking London



London Access is designed to  be used as a source of information for those who have a specific user needs that has previously restricted the places they can go and visit in London, this may be a person with a disability either physical or sensory or even both, as well as families with young or infant children as well as the elderly, and visitors to London, basicly anyone who wants reliable information.

My UK Access wants to prove that good access and accessible information is achievable, and in some cases organisations are doing their up most to be accessible they just don’t realise it, we aim to ensure that they firstly recognise what they have done and secondly that potential customers know what they have done to be more accessible. The App shows our users what they can expect at a certain location before thy have even left their front room, that way they plan a truly accessible day out with out the stress and trepidation that can often arise when going somewhere for the very first time. 


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