Kannan Govindan, Ph.D

Senior Engineering Manager
Target Corporation India
Email: gkannan16 (AT) ieee dot org
URL: http://www.cs.ucdavis.edu/~gkannan


I am currently working as senior chief engineer in Samsung Research India. Previously I was a Post Doctoral Researcher working with Prof. Prasant Mohapatra in the Department of Computer Science , University of California Davis. I obtained my PhD degree in Electrical Engineering (Specialization: Multihop cellular networks) from Indian Institute of Technology (better known as IIT) Bombay and Bachelors Engineering Degree (BE) in Electronics and Communications Engineering from National Institute of Technology Trichy .


  • PhD, Electrical Engineering, IIT-Bombay (www.iitb.ac.in), 2004-2008
  • BE, Electronics and Communications Engg, NIT-Trichy (www.nitt.edu), 1998-2002

Work Experience

 Regular Positions:     
  • 2012-Present: Senior Chief Engineer, Samsung Research India, Bangalore
  • 2011-2012:  Consulting Research Engineer, General Motors CAMP Consortium, MI, USA
  • 2009-2011: Postdoctoral Researcher, University of California, Davis 
  • 2008-2009: Researcher, General Motors Research India, Bangalore
  • 2002-2004: Scientist B, Defence Research and Development Organization (DRDO), India, Bangalore
Visiting Positions:
  • 2011 June-Nov: Visiting Researcher, US Army Research Lab, MD, USA [Sub contracted from UC Davis]
  • 2011 Jan-June: Visiting Researcher, BBN Technologies Boston, MA, USA [Sub contracted from UC Davis]
  • 2007 June: Visiting Student Researcher, University of St. Andrews Scotland, UK

Technical Expertise

        Perl scripting over Big Data Set, Python and R for Statistical analysis, Linux shell programming, C/C++ programming, MATLAB, Opnet NS2, SAS

Publications and CV

My complete CV in PDF format Kannan_CV. Feel free to contact me for a soft copy of any article you want.

            [B1] Kannan Govindan, Deepthi Chander, Bhushan Jagyasi, S. N. Merchant and U. B. Desai Multihop Mobile Wireless Networks,  River Publishers, Aalborg, Denmark, 
            Available Online September 2010
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Technical Reports:
            [R1] K. Govindan, “Geometry based key revocation schemes”, General Motors India science lab Technical report, 2009.
            [R2] K. Govindan, N. Dalmia, U. B. Desai, S. N. Merchant, “Power Constrained MPOE Based Prefiltering for Statistical Channel Model”, Technical report, 2006, IIT Bombay,
            [R3] Andrew Clark, Amit Pande, Kannan Govindan, Radha Poovendran, Prasant Mohapatra, “Using Social Information for Flow Allocation in MANETs”, Nov 2013,
            [R4] K. Govindan, “Analysis of MAC protocols for IEEE 802.15.4”, Samsung Best Paper Award Conference 2012
            [R5] K. Govindan, “Exploring Multiple Antenna Hand Held Devices in a GigaHertz  Cellular Communications” Samsung Best Paper Award Conference 2012
            [R6] K. Govindan, Amar Prakash Azad, Sandhya Patil, Kiran Bynam “Non Beacon mode MAC Protocol analysis in 802.15.4”, Samsung Best Paper Award Conference 2014
            [R7]  K. Govindan, Karthikeyan A, Karthikeyan S, “Optimal Mirror Server Selections for Improved Network Efficiency in Smart Phones”, Samsung Best Paper Award Conference 2016
            [R8]  Karthikeyan A, Jamsheed, Karthikeyan S, Sweta Jaiswal, K Govindan, “Optimizing TCP Closures for Improved Battery Life in Smart Phones”, Samsung Best Paper Award Conference 2016
            [R9]  A. Panghal, K Govindan, Karthikeyan S, S Kumar, “Context Aware Decision Maker for Social and Cloud Applications in Smart Phones”, Samsung Best Paper Award Conference 2016


            [P1] MAC protocol for 802.15.4 under filing in Samsung Research India

Awards and Recognitions

  • Guest Editor IEEE Communications Magazine, Special issue on "Wireless Technologies for Development (W4D)", July 2016
  • Associate Technical Editor IEEE Communications Magazine 2016-2019
  • Senior Member IEEE, Member ACM 
  • Postdoc Researcher University of California Davis, May-2009 to Dec-2010
  • US Army Research Lab postdoctoral Fellowship 2011-2012: Grant of 60,000USD per annum
  • Sigma-Xi Honorary Member 2012-present (Selection based on original research contributions)
  • Microsoft Research India PhD Fellowship 2004-2008: 25,000USD for fellowship
  • Nokia Student Travel Grant Award 2007: Paper titled “Cross layer routing for Multihop Cellular Networks” won Nokia Travel grant award in AINA-2007 Niagara Falls Canada
  • Scored 99.13% in GATE-2005 (All India Graduate Aptitude Test in Engineering)

Professional Services

  • Editorship:
    • Guest Editor IEEE Communications Magazine (Special Issue on Wireless Technologies for Development, June 2016)
    • Editor IETE Technical Review
    • Associate Editor IEEE Communications Magazine 2016-2019
  • Technical Program committees:
    • ICC 2011, 2012, 2013, 2014, 2015: IEEE International conference on communications, ICCVE 2014 2013 2012, ICNC 2015,  ICACCI 2015, VNC 2011 2012, Vesonets 2013 ICSPT 2013, IEEE RAICS 2013, VCSN 2013, 2014, MASS-2011, Comsnet 2011 AFIN-2011, WiTRUE 2011, IEEE-TSP 2013, Globecom 2016
  • Reviewer of Several IEEE Transactions and Journals

Research Interests

I am mainly interested in the following areas:
  • DSRC Vehicular networks, Standards and algorithms
  • Trusted computing for distributed networks
  • Non cryptography security schemes
  • Secure resource allocation and cognitive radio
  • Security for DSRC based vehicular networks
  • Wireless Networks: Game theory based security analysis
  • Data Analytics, Statistical Modeling, Hypothesis testing

During my PhD, I worked with Prof. S. N Merchant and Mentored by Prof. U. B. Desai . Following are some of the contributions we have made

  • Minimum Probability Of Error (MPOE) based optimization for DS-CDMA downlink prefiltering systems, using complete CSI and partial CSI.
  • Unified cross layer routing protocol for multihop cellular networks.
  • CDMA-OFDM group based access mechanism for multihop cellular Networks.
  • Underwater routing and route duration analysis.
  • High spatial link scheduling algorithm for SCDMA multihop cellular Networks: A cross layer approach.
My thesis is on Multiuser Transmissions and Multihop Communications for Cellular Networks. You may have a look at my PhD Thesis .

During my Under graduation, I worked with Dr. Malar Kodi on Detection and location of connection splice events in optical fiber communications.


  • During Ph.D
    • Mobile Computing
    • Wireless and Mobile Communications
    • Computer Networks
    • Matrix computations
    • Digital signal processing, Information theory and coding, Digital Message Transmissions

  • During BE
    • Computer Networks and LAN Technology
    • Real analysis
    • Linear Algebra
    • Communication systems
    • VLSI and Digital signal processing architecture

National and International Visits

In India
  • Bangalore, IISc-Bangalore, workshop on “Algebra and Coding Theory”, 2005
  • Margoa, Goa, WINS-2006
  • Kopar Khairane, Maharastra, Rajiv Gandhi Institute of Technology, 2006
  • New Delhi, Techvista-2007
  • Jaipur, Rajsthan, LNMIIT, WPMC-2007
  • Chennai, Techvista-2008
  • Allahabad, Uttarpradesh, IIIT-Allahabad, 2008
Outside India
  • Singapore, APCASS-2006, Visit to NUS-Singapore.
  • Buffalo NY, AINA-2007, Visit and seminar talks in SUNY-Buffalo
  • Scotland, ICC-2007, Visit to University of St. Andrews
  • Baltimore, VTC-2007, Milcom-2011
  • New Orleans, Globecom-2008
  • San Diego, WTS-2008, Visit and seminar talks in UC-Sandiego and Sandiego State University
  • Boston, BBN Technologies
  • Maryland, Army Research Lab
  • Suwon, South Korea Samsung Electronics Headquarters

Personal Interests

  • California International Marathon runner (finished in 4.15 hrs)
  • Hiking (Hiked upto Halfdome in Yosimite National Park, California), Camping, Traveling 

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