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 [UPDATE] - Sorry this site has been defunct for a long time.  I had some peculiar disconnection problem and couldn't get access with my credentials. I tried repeatedly, month after month until I just gave up.  So it just sat here... and then recently I tried to edit and access has been restored!  I have some additions to make but will now need to think about what I'll post next.  Stay tuned!

Having developed an interest in fountain pens over the past decade, I've managed to become acquainted with a variety of brands and models, from "vintage" to present day, and from the United States to around the world.  Somewhere along the way, I decided to write a few reviews about the pens I appreciate the most.  My own personal collection is comparatively small, so you will find only a small subset of pens reviewed here.  Nevertheless, I hope you enjoy reading my articles and perhaps end up inspired to acquire some pens of your own.


Writing with a pen is gradually becoming a lost art, due to the power of the computer hosted word processor.  If you ask the average person to write something down on paper today, you'll rarely see good penmanship.  It's a shame... while we have hands that are adept at typing on keyboards and operating precision equipment, we are losing our proficiency at writing eloquently.  A ballpoint pen is so commonplace and makes writing more of a chore than a joy.  It's used to scratch down quick lists and sign papers.  Everything else is done electronically.  When was the last time you received a hand written letter from a friend?  Do you have any old letters you've received in the past?  If so, pull one out of storage and read it.  Feel the paper.  See the personal expression of the hand written words.  Wouldn't it be nice to receive a letter today?  Wouldn't it feel so personal, unlike a collection of pixels forming the words of an e-mail?  Well, someone has to start it.  Pick up a fine writing instrument and send off some "p-mail" to someone you care about.  :-)

Believe it or not, there are a lot of websites across the World Wide Web that focus on fountain pens and writing.  In the resources section, I list a few that you may be interested in checking out.  Meanwhile, below are links to the growing list of my fountain pen reviews.  Enjoy!   ~MYU