Asbestos & Demolition


Knowing quite what to do with Asbestos can be a very daunting task. 

Especially when it seams to be everywhere.

Our Service.

We can assist with:- 

1) *Identification and testing.

2) *Seal and make safe.

3) *Manage Log and notate.

4) *Fully remove the material.

Don't take the risk with your own or your families and friends health.

We provide free guidance and quotes for all of your Asbestos needs

*Each service is subject to individual quotes.

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Some new alterations and refurbishments like kitchens, bathroom or laundries can require the removal of quite large quantities of brick or timber including walls or floors.


Looking to develop, sub-divide, extend or just remove an old shed, fence or patio.

We can remove or clear your old property quickly and cleanly.

We can assist with earthworks including sub soil sieving, over ground raking and full or partial tree removal.

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*Each service is subject to individual quotes.

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Rubbish & Waste Removal

*Removed from $25 per sheet.

*Removed from $15 per sheet.

Tree & Organic
*Cut & removed from $150 per 6' x 4' trailer.

Roof Tiles & Paving
*Removed from $0.25 per tile.

Timbers & Frames
*By individual quote.

Steel Tin & Metal
*By individual quote.

Mixed Waste
*By individual quote.

Site Clears
*By individual quote.

All our removal and demolition services are focused on a re-use and recycle basis.

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