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Getting Started

Enabling Macros

My Trade Logger utilizes macros. By default Macros are disabled.  The following website does a good job of explaining how to enable macros for various versions of excel:

To prevent excel from prompting you to enable macros every time you open My Trade Logger, search for Trusted Locations in the link above.

If you press any of the buttons in MTL and find it does not work or you get an error message, then MACROS are disabled.  You must enable macros to use MTL.

Enter A Trade

1.  Enter the trade data (date, symbol, Long/Short, Qty, entry price, stop price etc) into the Trade Entry box (row 10)

2.  Click the "ADD TRADE" button to add the trade to the Trade Log

3.  When you want to close the trade, or if you just need to modify the trade data in the trade log, click 'EDIT TRADE' button

A.  Enter the row number next to the trade you want to edit, then press enter or tab.  Any existing data will be displayed. Now you have a chance to modify this data or add new data to the empty fields.

B.  Modify the fields you want to change.  Or, Enter the Exit info to close out the trade.  Then press "Save Changes" and "Close" to exit the dialogue box.

Import Trades

The import trade function allows the user to import multiple trades at once into My Trade Logger.  This is the quickest way to enter a large number of trades into the MTL.  To use the import function, the user creates a simple excel sheet with the trades to be imported.  The data in this import file must be arranged in a specific format.  

1.  Download and fill out the Import Template File

The Import template file can be download from the main page under DOWNLOADS

Enter or preferably CUT and PASTE your trade data into the template file and save it.

2.  Click on the 'Setup / Info' button to get to the 'Setup /Info' Page

3.  Click on the IMPORT DATA button


4.  In the dialog box, click IMPORT NOW button then specify the location of the import file, then click OK

The data should transfer over to the trade log.


Exporting or Backing up data is the reverse of the Import data function.  If you have trades in the trade log that you want to back up or just unload into a standard excel file, click the EXPORT DATA button in the SETUP/INFO page.  

The exported file can be Imported back into the MTL by using the IMPORT DATA button

If new revisions of MTL are released, the export function allows you to move trade data out of the old version, then the exported data can be imported into the new version