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My Trade Logger is a Microsoft Excel spreadsheet program designed to log and analyze stock trade data.


  1.  Microsoft Excel for Windows  (It was written in Excel 2007, but older versions appear to work)
  2.  Enable Macros (give excel permission to enable macros)
  3.  Enable Data Connections to allow the Trade Logger to download stock quotes.
  3.  Fast Computer (dual core or better) recommended


    1.  MTL does NOT work with Open Office
    2.  MTL does NOT work on the Apple Platform
    3.  MTL does NOT log Options or Futures trades
    4.  MTL does NOT handle non-American date and currency formats    
    5.  If you are using older versions of Excel (2003 or earlier), Excel may prompt you to download a file converter that will allow you to work with 
        workbooks created with the 2007 version.

Version log:

Ver 1.0r (2/1/11):  Initial Version

Ver 1.01r (2/6/11):  Minor Update
Added- User specifies Wash Trade Limits
Added- current time and date on main page
Fixed- one minor formula bug in Trade Analysis Page

Ver. 1.1r (3/5/2011): Major Update
Add Simulate Page
Add Open Positions Page
Add Days in Trade Calculation
Add Comment Field, Hide Comment Column option, Change Comment Column Width option
Add Grade the Trade
Add Edit Commissions
Add Exclude Trade
Add Password Protect MTL
Change more decimal places visible on % Risk, % Equity in Play, etc

Ver 1.11r (3/7/2011): Bug Fix
Fixed Simulate Page - When running % Risk simulation will fail on trade where entry and stop price are equal
Changed - Widened Column for % Risk of Trade Log
Getting Started:


My Trade Logger Spreadsheet:

Download Ver 1.11r        (Latest version 3/7/2011)
If you are using Excel version 2003 or earlier, you should use the previous version of MTL (version 1.01r).  I do not have confirmation that the latest version (ver 1.11r) works for older versions of excel

Download Ver 1.01r (for older Excel versions pre-2007)

Import File Template:

How To Upgrade:

1.  With the existing/old MTL, use the Export function (in the Setup page) to export the trade data to another Excel workbook.
2.  Save the existing MTL.  Do not remove or delete the file yet.
3.  Download the new version of MTL.  Open the new version of MTL and use the IMPORT function (under Setup Page) to import the exported file in #1
4.  Verify the trade data is valid.  Delete older version if desired.



  • View Performance stats: $ Gain, % Gain, Gross and Net Gain, Win rate, Avg Winner, Avg Loser
  • Keep track of Commissions
  • Automatic tagging of possible wash sale trades
  • Quick trade entry. Manage trade log.
  • Position Sizer for % Risk, Fixed Dollar and Fixed Percent calculations
  • Position Sizer displays Reward:Risk ratio, % of Equity at Risk, total trade value as % of equity
  • Sort Trade log by 15 criteria
  • Analyze trades by % Gain, Stock price, Long vs Short trades, Stopped out trades, stock symbol, Months of the year, Day of the week, user specified date range, and User-specified strategy
  • Graphical visuals of trade analysis data
  • View Min, Max and Average trade statistics
  • View Equity Curve and Drawdown
  • Import trade data in bulk to the trade log
  • Export and backup trade data
  • Simulate various positions sizing algorithms on your portfolio
  • View current open Risk and Equity In play stats based on current portfolio value (from download stock quotes)
  • Password Protect the Trade Logger from unauthorized viewers
  • Add comments to each trade
  • Grade the Trade and view the GPA
Screen Shots

Main page:  click image to enlarge

Equity Chart:  click image to enlarge

Trade Analysis: Click image to enlarge

Chart Page:  Click image to enlarge

Open Positions Page:  Click Image to Enlarge

Simulate Page:  Click Image to Enlarge

1.  Trade Entry Box

2.  Key Statistics displayed on the dashboard

3.  Position Sizer

4.  Trade Log

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