Regardless of weather you want to go sightseeing, shopping, partying in the most popular clubs and bars or you just want to go on vacation to relax, "My Tourist Guide" is the travel guide for your Android smartphone.
It offers useful information about how to get best to your destination, about public transport, sights, hotels, shops, restaurants, bars, clubs and much much more.

- provides information about almost any city/country in the world (source:
- no permantent connection to the internet necessary (all information can be saved)
- "text to speech"-feature
- hotels can be booked directly
- simple and intuitive user interface

My Tourist Guide in the Android Market
My Tourist Guide on AndroidPIT

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: Vian Havox, Gunawan Kartapranata, Sarwa Gunawan, diporental, Claus Hansen, Khalid Abul Khayr; Wikitravel users Burmesedays, Panos, Globe-trotter, Araichi
  My Tour Guide: Jakarta