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Stuff for Xiph.org

Ambisonic stuff

The ".amb" format for Ambisonic B-Format files

The WAVE and WAVE-EX file formats

  • riffmci.pdf (0.7 MBytes), IBM and Microsoft's specification for the original WAVE file format
  • multichaud.pdf (0.1 MBytes), Microsoft's specification for the WAVE-EX file format
  • mcgill_WAVE.pdf (0.1 MBytes), a more accessible description of the WAVE-EX file format from McGill University
  • tech3306-2009.pdf (0.2 MBytes), European Broadcasting Union's specification for their RF64 (64-bit) extension to the WAVE file format
  • Sony_Wave64.pdf (63 kBytes), Sony's specification for their 64-bit extension to the WAVE file format

Audio files


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